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Non speculative low risk option strategies to profit in Euro currency and Japanese Yen.This is to generate quarterly recurring income.These positions can be initiated at any time. Just follow my blog to learn.

NICHE market

  A small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them.


What's the theory behind the strategies?


The science behind the strategies is based on characteristics of options behavior adjusted to the  Greeks of the options. This is applied to two currency futures contracts only. The Euro currency and Japanese Yen. The currency movements were analyzed for the last 15 years on a quarterly basis in relation to the greeks and option characteristics. Thats how these strategies are created.

They are made easy to trade for general public without the Greeks in real trading with dynamic adjustments vs static



The new positions (option strategies) for September 2020 quarter initiated on 3/23/2020 These can be accessed through the Blog tab. These positions can be initiated at any time. There is no time limit to start. Anytime with 100 days before expiration.

Positions with advanced strategies  for the June 2020 quarter are rolled on to September 2020 quarter. The results for September 2020 quarter are shown below. we have achieved our goals. The December 2020 positions shall be initiated in the next 10 days.

All the low risk option positions are positive for December 2019 in 110 days  >50% vs margin on average and there was no drawdown. The December 2019 positions are closed now with excellent profit and stress free environment. The March 2020 positions are closed now with excellent profits. Results are given below


June 2020 quarter strategies added for trades starting on 12/30/2019. The June 2020 positions rolled over to the September 2020 quarter because of the high volatility in the markets.

September 2020 quarter positions started on 3/23/2020.


Bringing Wall street to Main street 

Unique and simple way to trade currency options like stock options

Low margins and more money to make. Educate yourself!

Don't be alarmed by the name Currency options. Its easy!



Euro currency options September 2020 quarter in 78 days

These with increased margins $10000 - $15000/per contract

Option strategy #1                + 63.70%       $6375.00

Option strategy #2                + 35.50%       $3550.00

Option strategy #3 A            + 30.37%        $3037.00

Option strategy #3 B            +11.50%         $1150.00

Option strategy #4                + 20.75%        $2550.00

Option strategy #5                +43.08%          $6462.00 with $15000.00 margin 

Japanese Yen options September 2020 quarter in 67 days

with increased margins $10000.00 - $15000.00

Option strategy #1                  + 33.00%        $3300.00

Option strategy #2 A               + 48.37%       $4837.50

Option strategy #2 B               + 13.25%       $1325.00

Option strategy #3                   + 49.83%       $7475.00 with $15000 margin

Euro currency options December 2019 closed on October 25, 2019 and March 2020 is also closed on 12/30/2020. The front quarter  is June 2020 quarter.

Euro currency options March 2020 quarter 98 days results.

Option strategy # 1   + 35.83%

Option strategy # 2    + 59.16%

Option strategy # 3    + 50.83%

Advanced strategies

Option strategy # 4    + 39.58%

Option strategy # 5    + 37.50%

Option strategy # 6    + 115.00%


Japanese Yen March 2020 quarter results in 98 days 

Option strategy # 1   + 35.41%

Option strategy # 2   + 54.58%

Option strategy # 3   + 116.25%

Advanced option strategies 

Option strategy # 4   + 63.33%

Option strategy # 5   +36.25% 

Option strategy # 6   +91.25%


Euro currency options December 2019 quarter 114 days results

Option #1  +29.58%

Option #2  +60.83%

Option #3  + 103.75%

Advanced strategies

Option #1   + 27.91%

Option #2   + 60.41%

Option #3   + 71.66%

J Yen currency options December 2019 quarter 114 days results

Basic strategy

Option # 1 + 55.00%

Option #2  + 45.41%

Option #3  + 84.16%

Advanced strategy

Option #1  48.75%

Option #2  19.16%

Option #3 69.16%

The above are for December 2019 quarter.

September 2019 quarter achieved the goal for the september 2019 quarter.

Euro currency options 91 days. Low risk strategies and there was no draw down

 Option #1   + 40.83%

Option #2    + 45.62%

Option #3    + 52.18%

Advanced strategies Euro currency Options September 2019

Option #1    + 69.58%

Option #2    + 53.75%

Option #3    + 84.58%

 Japanese Yen September 2019 options in  91 days. low risk strategies. There was no draw down Volatility effects on J YEN temporary.

Option #1    + 29.58%

Option #2    + 42.50%

Option #3    + 98.12%

Advanced strategies

Option #1     + 79.58%

Option #2     + 37.91%


   June 2019  Euro Currency options  closed now

  •  Option #1   + 64.5% in 96 days
  •  Option #2    + 81.25% in 96 days
  •  Option #3    + 107% in 96 days
  • June 2019  J Yen options closed now
  • Option #1  +54.50% in 96 days
  • Option #2   + 39% in 96 days
  • Option #3   + 96.50% in 96 days


   All this achieved with low risk strategies  There was no drawdown. Historical about  year 2018 quarters.

  • Euro Currency options made 79% profits since 8/3/2018. December 2018 options positions closed on 10/24/2018. That's $1587.00 in 82 days. This is for one contract spread.
  • Japanese yen options delivered 112%  for December 2018 expiration and the profit realized and the positions closed on 10/24/2018. That's  $3362.00 in 82 days. At lower risk. This is for one  contract spread.

We have completed the December 2018 and closed with profit. Accomplished with very low risk.

Now I have established the new positions for the March 2019 quarter and substantial gains can be realized. There  is substantial amount of money realized as profits with March 2019 quarterly positions.  Euro currency March 2019 positions  option #1 gained 62.50% and option #2 gained 63.75%. The March Euro positions closed for trading with excellent profit. March J Yen  option #1 gained 34.7% and the option #2 gained 41% in 43 days. No problem you can start trading them today too.

I have started the quarterly positions for March 2020 trading  both Euro currency and J Yen options. Please check the blog.

The December 2019 quarter positions are up and all the options modules are in the positive.

With the present low interest rate paid on money market funds and the 10 year treasury note yields are at 1.773%  very low after taking inflation rates out its in a negative territory. Even though the stock market is way up since the year 2009 the reports show that not many retail investors are participating in the boom or late to the party and now the December 2018 market lows with uncertainty.

I am an options trader for the last twenty five years. I have traded the currency futures options for the last fifteen years.

These are exchange traded and third party risk is low to none. These are considered as section 1256 contracts for IRS taxation purposes (USA). Sixty percent long term and forty percent short term capital gains. Please verify with your certified accountant.



I have traded them with the help of charts, event driven and trend patterns, fundamental and technical analysis. Then I came across this unorthodox way of trading options without charts, trends or events. What if I trade with the movements of the currency only without worrying about trends, events and central bank announcements? I realized that the unique properties of the currency options (not possible with equity options in my opinion) made it possible to trade and make money with almost no or low risk. Risk is continuously adjusted if needed. In this I will describe and show you how to make money consistently without being tied down to the computer, no fundamental or technical analysis. Sounds ridiculous!! Isn’t it?





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Risk of trading 
Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Futures 
and options on futures trading is speculative, involves substantial risk 
and is not suitable for all investors. COMMODITY TRADING INVOLVES