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General Information

July 31, 2023


Please note: At the end of the September 23 quarter the subscription program is going to be discontinued for personal reasons. No December 2023 quarter is going to be published. Any help needed to complete the quarter is provided. I am giving this as a 90 day notice. Appreciate your participation in the program.


The March 2023 positions are closed in the blog for both the J Yen and Euro. Please close all the positions as suggested. Started June 2023  positions on 1/20/2023 posted on for the week of  1/23/2023. March 2023 quarter was closed with good gains in spite of the Euro volatility. 


The June 2023 positions are closed now.

The September 2023  positions are closed now.



Markets are moving fast, and Volatility has increased on both calls and puts. Brokers may request more margins. Please follow it carefully. Even if the strategies are in the correct direction because of the high volatility on both sides (call and puts) there is a lot of liquidity crunch may occur. Please keep adequate risk capital and keep adjusting accordingly. Please do not overtrade. 

Caution: Please make sure you are not overtrading for the margin and have enough margin in the account as the brokers may increase margins without your knowledge and close the positions. Please reread the margin agreements you signed with the brokers.


The US Ten-year treasury note yield is 3.957% on 7/28/2023. This means you keep your money in the government treasuries for 10 years and you get 3.957% per year.  It does not matter for us trading currency options.  The Certificates of Deposit paying so low they may be in negative if you add in the inflation.


The markets are highly volatile now. may need prompt adjustments.


 The Jun23 quarter positions are not for initiating new positions  with less tha 100 days to expiration. September 2023 positions initiated for trading on 4/17/2023 for J Yen and Euro currency. These should be initiated with 100 days  or more  for expiration or else use the next quarter positions. The Sep23 Euro settled @ 11050 on 7/28/2023.  The base strike price for 7/28/2023 is  11050. Sep23 J Yen settled @ 7148 on 7/28/2023.  The base strike price is 7150 for trade on 7/28/2023. Days to expiration # 39.


For September23  please refer to the blog section. Please follow closely for adjustments. Just follow the adjustments and time to trade. The volatility is high now and the markets may move faster at times. Please follow the adjustments.  Best time to place the strategies, once market has settled, but volatility is still high. Make sure you have adequate risk capital (margin requirements by the brokerages or exchanges) for adjustments.


Please check the blog more frequently for updated recommendations intraday.

The adjustment changes are uploaded as needed.  For the new subscribers, the options value limits are suggested. The June 2023 quarter options can be placed at any time with the acceptable option premiums. These are shown in the blog. Please adjust the base strike price accordingly.

In the daily currency blog to initiate new positions.  All the Euro and J Yen options positions are positive. 

The movements in Euro currency and Japanese Yen are followed daily and recommendation is made in the daily blog for your convenience. Both weeks' updates are given in the same blog. 

 Volatility changes effects the options as well as currency options. If you follow my blog and adjust the positions when necessary, you should be ok. Characteristics of options change the way we buy and sell options. But @expiration everything is even and lets you make money.  The adjustments are made when necessary and these adjustments are kept in the blog as dated and for reference and learning if one wishes to.


 I have initiated the September 2023 currency options for the subscribers and time factor. This time I have given three option strategies, fully hedged. You can trade all three of them if you want to. But make sure you have enough margin and risk capital. The margin requirements are dynamic and change with the broker anytime.

Both the currency futures are staying within the bracket without any big moves. But 100-point moves may not be unusual. We don't have to worry about these moves. If required just readjust the positions as advised in the currency blog. Option value changes will be given when the currency futures contracts change by 50 or more points and when indicated.

Most of the time the money received by selling calls and puts can be used as margin towards contracts.  The money received can be used to buy 90-day Treasuries and can be used as a margin while earning interest.

The information given for the respective currency positions are in the BLOG section of Euro Currency and Japanese Yen. Daily changes when appropriate are made and they are in the blog for the subscribers to follow.

Please click on the calendar date and review the data file for your information.

If you have subscribed today information will be provided for the period starting the next market day to follow.

Four option strategies are given for each currency to trade.  You can choose either one, combination or all of them for trading.

For any further info or questions please e-mail us at contact.

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This is for educational purposes only.


Risk of trading

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Futures and options on futures trading are speculative, involves substantial risk and is not suitable for all investors. COMMODITY TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS.